Mortgage Checklist

Thank you for choosing Ephrata National Bank for your mortgage financing needs. In order for us to process your loan promptly, it is important to bring the following information along to your appointment. If you should have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (717) 733-4181.
We look forward to working with you.

ENB Mortgage

Personal Information (for each / all borrowers):

  • _____  1 month of recent pay stubs
  • _____  Most recent 2 years W-2’s
  • _____  Most recent 2 years Federal Tax Returns (1040s along with all schedules)
  • _____  2 years employment history (name, address and phone number of all employers)
  • _____  2 months most recent bank statements for checking, savings, money market accounts, etc. (include all pages, even if blank)
  • _____  Most recent quarterly statements for brokerage accounts, 401K plans, ESOP, IRA’s, etc.
  • _____  Name, address and phone number of landlord(s) for last 2 years (if applicable)
  • _____  Government-issued Photo ID and Social Security Card

Property/Additional Items:

  • _____  Copy of fully executed Agreement of Sale (if applicable)
  • _____  Copy of cancelled escrow deposit check (if applicable)
  • _____  Construction contract and detailed builder specifications (if applicable)
  • _____  Blueprints  and/or plans for construction or rehabilitation properties (if applicable)
  • _____  Copy of current Homeowners Insurance Policy or agent’s name and phone number
  • _____  Copy of annual property tax bills for subject property, if available
  • _____  Copy of legal description or deed for subject property, if available

Self Employed or 25% of Income from Commissions, Bonus or Overtime:

  • _____  Most recent 2 years Corporate / Partnership Federal Tax Returns (including all schedules)
  • _____  Most recent 2 years K-1 Forms for all corporation and partnerships
  • _____  Year-to-Date Profit & Loss Statement for the businesses
  • _____  Current lease agreements for all/any rental units

Retirement / Pension Income:

  • _____  1099 Forms for previous 2 years for social security, pension or retirement income
  • _____  Annual award letter or recent statement for social security or pension income

Special Cases (Divorce, Bankruptcy, Child Support):

  • _____  Divorce Decree & Separation / Pre-nuptial / Post-nuptial agreements
  • _____  Child support documentation and/or Domestic Relations file number
  • _____  Bankruptcy petition / paperwork along with Discharge of Debtor documentation
  • _____  Letter of explanation regarding derogatory credit issues

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